Louisa St Aubyn
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Street Strangers

Fracture the silent narrative in ones head. Look and linger at the person, the environment they are in and wonder about their story. Grapple with the formulated assumptions, flickering thoughts, to their face.

I am in the midst of a kinetic discourse with the subject.

Geometry, abstraction and movement in the photograph all play roles, pulling me this way and that, delving into the instinctual weirdness. A palpable twist to the energy swirls. 

Subject and photographer on the brink of vulnerability and empowerment. One needs to be vulnerable to be empowered. 

Dark is the sky with light on the agenda. 


This series features a collection of photographs made on the streets of Los Angeles. They are a set of impromptu collaborations between the photographer and the subjects; in the environment and attire they were approached in. 


What unites us? Love, happiness, humour, friendship but I also wish to recognise the common ground of pain, sadness, depression and regret and how one copes with this or one step further, shares it.


There have been a multitude of reactions from people. The humorous ones stand out. Once outside of a construction site, perplexed as to why I was waving my hand in front of my camera, Mack, a construction worker jovially asked if I wanted to take a photo of his hand. I replied I would rather his face. He obliged along with his mates. 

Another time a window washer asked if I was lost, I was in South Central.


Looking over and reflecting on this series, I think I strived to make these strangers poised in reality.