Louisa St Aubyn

Louisa St Aubyn: About



Artist Statement

I like to celebrate the nuances around me and enjoy the aspect of visually playing with the environment that I am in. I am drawn to a camera because it can be used as a vehicle to park a slice of reality, giving an opportunity to check unconscious comprehension without having to react upon it in that given moment. An image provides a medium to reflect or conform to feelings and reject, alter, or comply with perception.



Louisa grew up among the rolling fields and the raw beautiful beaches of Devon and Cornwall in England. She undertook a solo venture along the pacific side of Central America with a surfboard under one arm and a camera over the other shoulder. A way down the path, she met her husband whilst surfing and moved to California. Louisa is predominantly self-taught. She has broadened and refined her creative approach through attending Los Angeles Center of Photography with respected photographers such as Thomas Alleman, Just Loomis and Hugh Kretschmer.



Exhibitions / Actions

May 2017:               Los Angeles Center of Photography Fine Art Photography Exhibition.

                                Juror: Chista Dix


June 2017:              Mount Haven Hotel, Marazion, Cornwall, England. 

                               Permanent exhibition. 



November 2017:    Los Angeles Center of Photography "The Creative Portrait" Exhibition

                                Juror: Ann M. Jastrab  



November 2017:   Published book as part of the juried exhibition "Celebrating The Creative Process"

                              PhotoPlace Gallery

                              Juror: Kat Kiernan


January 2018:     Directed, Filmed, Edited documentary for WOJO, A New Way of Life non profit, Los Angeles.